WEapons accessing & retention

The Missing Link

This class is the missing link between shooting and martial arts. There are many circumstances when the attack happens too fast, from too close, to go straight to a firearm. You need the fighting skills to create the opportunity to access a firearm or other use of force tool. If you're a law enforcement officer or armed citizen, you owe it to yourself to learn this material.

The Course

According to the FBI between 1998 and 2007, 549 officers were killed in the line of duty. Of that number 254 (46%) were killed between 0-5 feet from there attacker.

​This course will teach students concepts and techniques to reliably access their firearm or less lethal options while in the clinch, on the ground, or against a knife at close range. Students will learn how to defend against a surprise attack and how to use the element of surprise to access their weapons. The goal of this training is not to learn a plethora of new techniques but, rather to functionalize a few simple techniques that work in a variety of circumstances. 

Topics Include: 

*In Fight Weapons Accessing

*Retention in and out of the holster

*Dealing with common attacks

*CQ edged weapons defense

*CQ & contact shooting considerations

This is a serious subject but, we will have fun and we'll work within the fitness level of the individual participant. We won't train criminals however. We will require references if you aren't well known to the organizers, are current Military or Law Enforcement or have a current concealed carry permit. Contact us for more information. 

Students can bring a dummy gun and holster if they have one.  Law Enforcement students can bring a red or blue dummy gun and duty belt with agency approved holster that fits the weapon. Extra dummy guns will be available at the class.

For more details on pricing and bringing this course to your department or agency contact me on our contact page.


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Weapons Accessing-5/31/2020

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